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Student invents LED Crosswalk for the blind

"One night, I saw a visually impaired person crossing the zebra crosswalk, and unfortunately, a car came and ran him over. Since that time, I realized that for people with visual and hearing-impairment problems, the safety of crossing the road is really quite limited”, said Liwei Deng, a student 8th grade, from Taiwan, who loves to create innovations since he was 9 years old.

Students invent insulated cup for the blind

“By observing blind people, I found that when they drink hot water, they were easily hurt by the steam because they aren’t able to see”, said Ruoya Chen, a student from 6th grade, from Gaoxiong Siwei school. In order to help the blind, Ruoya Chen and her classmate, Yancheng Wu, spent one year developing this insulated cup for blind people.

Disabled man invents eating aid for people with no arms

Gang Li used to be a worker at Electricity Maintenance factory. In 1996, his arms were electrocuted in a work accident and, after amputation, he lost his whole right arm and his left forearm. He spent the first two years in the hospital and rehabilitation centre, where he was taken care of by others.

Doctor invents affordable and accessible ophthalmic equipment

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong is an ophthalmologist in New Zealand. While doing clinical practices in Kenya and Nepal, Dr. Hong was shocked by the limited tertiary eye care as well as poor hygiene and conditions of local hospitals and clinics. “It is far too often we see patients being mistreated for their eye conditions at the community level”, he said.

Student invents "epilepsy alarm" for his grandmother

“When epilepsy occurs, it is often accompanied with loss of consciousness, and in severe cases it would lead to cardiac arrest and even death. Therefore, an epilepsy monitoring device would be helpful for diagnosis and treatment. And there is no portable epilepsy monitoring device in the market, so we decided to design one.” , said Xu Yin, a junior clinical student from Nanjing Medical School.

Man invents deformable crutch that turns into a mini electric bicycle

Since his childhood, Qiping Luan had Polio and relied on crutches very often. Despite the inconveniences to move around, Qiping Luan loved creating innovations in his daily life, and he thought it would be great if the walking stick could be used as a transportation tool. In 2012, Qiping Luan began to study how to turn a crutch into an electric bicycle and discussed that often with other disabled people to brainstorm about the design.

Boy invents “stair-climbing booster” for his grandparents

Girl invents special clothes for her father

Chongning Xu is a girl who loves inventing small things since childhood. Her father, Shengyun Xu, suffered from severe osteoarthritis and was facing great challenges on everyday activities. On August 2007, Yunsheng Xu’s condition was getting worse, and very often he would lay in bed and was unable to move. Even changing his clothes had become a big challenge for him.

Man invents “turning bed” for his father who had a stroke

In the winter of 2006, Hanzhen Ke’s 78-year-old father suffered from cerebral thrombosis, resulting in paralysis of the left side body and leaving bed ridden ever since. After that, Ke’s several brothers took care of him in shifts. Since Ke’s father weighted around 150 kilos, it was a problem helping him lay down, getting him out of bed and feeding him.

Student invents “stair-climbing wheelchair” for his grandparents

“My grandparents are over 80 years old, and they live in a seven story building without elevator in Chongqing, a mountainous city. Having weak feet and legs, getting inside and outside the building is very inconvenient”, said Yutian Wang, a 10th grade student from Beijing Industrial University affiliated middle school. In addition, elder people may easily fall when climbing the stairs, which can even lead to irreversible consequences.

Boy develops special clothes for his paralyzed grandfather

Since childhood, Peimin Feng has been seeing his father alone taking care of his grandfather, who was paralyzed and not able to move. Taking care of a bedridden patient was tough, especially when helping him to put on and take off clothes.

Father develops a suction device to correct his son’s funnel chest

Medical professionals generally consider that surgery is the only way to correct funnel chest. However, the invention of a father has changed the perspective of many doctors.

Girls create translation armband for the deaf

Man invents multifunctional bed for his paralyzed nephew

A bed for paralyzed patients to get up, lie down, eating, reading, etc., by themselves. An elderly man in China developed a multi-functional electrical bed to make all this come true.

"This electrical bed was invented primarily for my paralyzed nephew”, said Benkuan Zou. “Although there are several types of electrical beds available in the market, normally, the back part can only fold by 75 degrees, and bed frame and surface are not separated, which makes it difficult to move the patient from the bed when necessary.”

Boy develops walker for his grandfather

Being a farmer all his life, Lishan Gao suddenly got a cerebral infarction, which led to hemiplegia, in July 2015, at the age of 74. After that, he could only stay in bed and wasn’t able to speak properly.

Phoria and hyperopia patient invents eye muscle detector

Yunlu Gao, born in 2005, was diagnosed with serious hyperopia and congenital phoria, which gradually developed into strabismus with age. The doctor said eye surgery was required and if he had not recovered at a certain age, non-surgical early treatment would be the solution to improve his condition.

Disabled man develops driving assistance system for the handicapped

Having received very little care from his parents, Xinguang Li suffered from polio due to complications when he was 8 months old, having both of his legs paralyzed. Li has a happy family and has become the head of a R&D centre for disabled aiding devices.

Former cancer patient invents a protective case to help chemo patients shower

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