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Man invents multifunctional bed for his paralyzed nephew

Shared by Shuyue Zhang on 2018-01-26 11:40

About the solution

A bed for paralyzed patients to get up, lie down, eating, reading, etc., by themselves. An elderly man in China developed a multi-functional electrical bed to make all this come true.

"This electrical bed was invented primarily for my paralyzed nephew”, said Benkuan Zou. “Although there are several types of electrical beds available in the market, normally, the back part can only fold by 75 degrees, and bed frame and surface are not separated, which makes it difficult to move the patient from the bed when necessary.”

The electrical bed consists of two parts – bed surface and bed frame, and the bed surface is divided into three regions: back, seat and leg. The joint between back and leg regions also holds a stainless-steel platform to support eating and reading. The back region can be folded by 90 degrees to support the patients’ daily activities. The leg region could help patients lift their legs and enable them to wash feet easily or massage. The height of the bed is adjustable, and both sides are equipped with an armrest to prevent the patient from falling off the bed. All the parameters are controlled by an electric operation box. Besides, a small tank is equipped under the bedframe which enables the patients to wash their hands after excretion.

Zou used to be a technical researcher in a state-owned factory and has been especially interested in machinery. After retirement, he dedicated his leisure time to machinery innovation, having established a small workshop in the backyard fully equipped with machining tools.

With the innovated bed, Zou’s paralyzed nephew has achieved semi-self-care. Zou’s innovation was also granted patents. “My biggest hope is to make this bed, bringing more convenience to the paralyzed patients.” Said Zou.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2DKN0XG

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About the author

Benkuan Zou, born in 1933, in China, developed a multi-functional bed for his paralyzed nephew in order to help him to partly take care of himself.

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