Logótipo de Patient Innovation

An open platform for patients and caregivers of any disease and geography to share solutions they developed to help them cope with the challenges imposed by their disease or health condition.


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    Pedro Oliveira

    Project Leader and Principal Investigator

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    Helena Canhão

    Project Leader and Chief Medical Officer

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    Maria João Jacinto

    Executive Director

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    Margarida Oliveira

    Digital communications officer

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    Gemma Tria

    Research associate

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    Joana Afonso

    Research associate

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    Leid Zejnilovic


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    Salomé Azevedo


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    Maria João Gonçalves

    Medical Officer, MD

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    Miguel Nunes

    Medical Officer, MD

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    Sofia Couto da Rocha

    Medical Officer, MD

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    Carlota de Macedo Santos


  • Carliss Baldwin

    Professor, Harvard Business School
    Harvard University

  • James Boyle

    Professor, School of Law
    Duke University

  • António Câmara

    CEO, Ydreams

  • Maria Carmo-Fonseca

    President, Instituto de Medicina Molecular
    Professor, FMUL

  • Alexandre Castro Caldas

    Professor and Director, Instituto de Ciências da Saúde, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

  • António Coutinho

    Coordinator, Conselho Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia

  • Joi Ito

    Director, MIT Media Lab

  • Lawrence Lessig

    Professor, Harvard Law School
    Harvard University

  • Kathrin Möslein

    Professor, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg & HHL Leipzig

  • José Fonseca de Moura

    Director, Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program
    Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Erich R. Reinhardt

    Chairman, Executive Managing Board
    Medical Valley EMN e.V.

  • Aleda Roth

    Professor, Clemson University

  • Francisco Veloso

    Dean, Imperial College Business School

  • Artur Santos Silva

    President of the Board of Trustees of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


The main goal of Patient Innovation is to reach patients and to be able to help them change their lives. We believe that the know-how and the invaluable bond of trust that Patient Associations and Groups develop with their patients is one of the best ways to achieve that purpose. These are the Patient Associations and Groups that have agreed to work hard with us in providing a valuable tool to their patients.

Local Chapters


Patient Innovation hat ein Stück seines Herzens in Berlin - Patient Innovation has a piece of its heart in Berlin! We are glad to announce our first Local Chapter.

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