Patient Innovation

is a platform and social network that allows patients and caregivers to share their health solutions with other people.


First Steps

Share and access solutions in a safe and easy-to-use environment.
Learn how it works in 3 steps.


Register in Patient Innovation


Start by registering with your email or Facebook

You can register right in the Homepage or at the top-right corner of every page, via "Log in/Register", "Register now, it's free!". Registration can be done using either your email address and user name or with your Facebook log-in information. You can then start sharing with the community and comment the solutions available .



Search solutions

Find solutions or Forum topics related to the topics searched

The user can find solutions developed by patients, caregivers and/or collaborators by searching for keywords in the search motor at the top right corner of each page, via "Search a solution". The platform also has available a search by categories, where the user can find all published solutions grouped by condition, symptom, location, activities, devices or therapy.



Share your Solutions



Sharing solutions, improving life

Once you are logged in, you can write down your ideas or solutions for dealing with your condition in your daily life, at the top-right corner of every page, via "Post a solution". You can improve your post by adding pictures, and links to videos. Even the simplest solutions can change the day-to-day lives of others!

User Features

Patients and caregivers can actively engage in sharing solutions within the Patient Innovation community.

  • Login/Register

    You can register using your email or Facebook login. Registering through Facebook imports your profile picture and name from Facebook (that you can change at any time) and allows you to share your solutions with your friends.


    User Profile

    In the "Profile" section, you can edit your settings: change the platform language, define which email notifications you would like to receive and change your password. In your "Wall", you can also see the latest solutions from your bookmarks.


    Solutions and Forum topics

    The posts published on the platform are classified as solutions or forum topics. The solutions are created by a patient, caregiver or collaborator to deal with the challenges imposed by their own health condition and the forum topics are ideas and/or strategies that are not considered an innovative solution, but they are valuable to share.



    You can either share your solutions and strategies or give feedback to those already posted, by commenting, rating and, if necessary, reporting them to our team as duplicates, dangerous or offensive.


    Media Files

    We encourage you to enhance your solutions' text descriptions with images and video. You can upload pictures and documents (with the formats "jpeg", "png" and "pdf") and videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion (by pasting the link to the writing area). This way, discussions get richer, more colourful, and more valuable for everyone.



    We can send you notifications to inform you of the latest solutions posted in your favourite Patient Groups. You never know, the next great idea may be posted tomorrow or next month! The notification settings can be changed in the "Profile" area.


Patient Innovation uses technology to empower patients and caregivers in a solution-driven community.


    Social Application

    Patient Innovation is also integrated in Facebook as an application. Click here to access our Facebook Page. You can share your solutions.


    Easy and Intuitive Interface

    Finding and discussing solutions to deal with patients' conditions is hard enough, so we strive to provide a very simple interface to make this processes as smooth as possible. The "social media" structure is the best way to construct ideas collectively and share text, images and videos to complement the solution discussions.


    Smart Algorithms

    Within each solution page, solutions are sorted using smart algorithms that prevent old solutions from always being shown on top, using inputs such as the number of comments, user ratings and sharing activity.


    Intelligent Language System

    Every solution posted is automatically translated to your preferred language. This way, a patient in Portugal can share a solution with an Australian caregiver without language barriers, maximising the knowledge spread. This is possible through the use of Google Translate technology.


    Secure Data

    We take care of your privacy. The connection to Patient Innovation is always encrypted and personal data is only stored in high security data centres located in the European Union.



    We work hard to ensure that you don't receive any spam from Patient Innovation. Changing your notification settings is easy and can be altered directly from every email and in your "Profile" area.

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