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Patient Innovation is an online platform where patients and caregivers around the world connect to share and create solutions they developed themselves or had the help from collaborators to cope with a health-related problem.
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Patient Innovation is the voice of a global community:

  • Creative patients and caregivers who use Patient Innovation to share the solutions they made

  • patients and caregivers looking for solutions they cannot find anywhere

  • collaborators who partner with patients and caregivers to help them create new solutions

  • 2014

    year of the foundation

  • +1050


  • +80

    countries of solutions origin

See some examples

  • Solution by Patient

    Louis Plante (Canada)

    The Frequencer™

    Louis Plante is a Cystic Fibrosis patient, who has been fighting, through painful therapies, with pulmonary infections since he remembers. Louis noticed that the speakers’ vibration had a positive effect, so he developed the FrequencerTM, a device that helps cleaning the lungs, by creating low energy resonant vibrations (acoustics).

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  • Solution by Caregiver

    Joaquina Teixeira (Portugal)

    Helium Ballons

    Joaquina’s son, Gonçalo, suffers from Angelman Syndrome. Despite of being six and able to walk, her son refused to stand up. One day, at a party, Joaquina noticed that the helium ballons on the ceiling were getting the boy’s attention, making him to try to grab the balloons. On that very day, Joaquina put helium balloons all over her house and watched her son jump and walk, trying to grab the balloons.

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  • Solution by Colaborator

    Ivan Owen (USA)

    3D Printed Hand

    Ivan Owen, an artist who makes entertainment products, posted on Youtube a video featuring a “mechanical hand”. A southern African carpenter, who lost some fingers while working in his shop, contacted him and asked if Ivan could help him to design and make a low cost prosthetic hand. Ivan accepted the challenge and started making low cost prosthetic hands for children.

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