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Boy develops special clothes for his paralyzed grandfather

Shared by Shuyue Zhang on 2018-01-30 15:50

About the solution

Since childhood, Peimin Feng has been seeing his father alone taking care of his grandfather, who was paralyzed and not able to move. Taking care of a bedridden patient was tough, especially when helping him to put on and take off clothes.

By the end of 2015, as a grade 5 student in primary school, Peimin Feng was determined to reduce the burden on his father, and came up with the idea of developing a set of clothes more convenient to put on and take off for his grandfather and other paralyzed patients. With the help of his supervisor, Feng renovated the traditional way to put on and take off patient clothes, and during 9 months of improvement and experimenting, he included more features for bedridden patients and completed the prototype of “Easy-Wear” patient clothes.

“The clothes are particularly suitable for the patients who could not move”, said Feng. The top applies velcro on both sides, and the sleeves consist of two parts to support either long or short sleeves; the waist part is equipped with a portable pillow to make the patient more comfortable; the pants also have velcro on the sides and crotch part, which enable the patient to relieve themselves and change at ease when getting dirty. Besides, a pager was installed for the patient to call the caregivers conveniently.

The renovated patient clothes made by Feng have provided great convenience to his grandfather, and also saved his father a lot of time and when helping his grandfather putting on and taking off clothes. Feng’s innovation won the gold award in a national youth innovation activity, and the special patient clothes are now under experimentation in a few local hospitals.

Feng and his supervisor believe that the innovation could significantly improve the life quality of patients who could not take care of themselves.

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About the author

Peimin Feng, born in 2004, in Guizhou China, developed a set of convenient clothes for his paralyzed grandfather, who has been taken care of by his father for years.

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