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Disabled man develops driving assistance system for the handicapped

Shared by Shuyue Zhang on 2018-01-23 13:00

About the solution

Having received very little care from his parents, Xinguang Li suffered from polio due to complications when he was 8 months old, having both of his legs paralyzed. Li has a happy family and has become the head of a R&D centre for disabled aiding devices.

By the end of 2015, Li learned how to drive at a special driving school and received his driver’s license afterwards. However, during the training, he strongly felt that the current driving assistance device for disabled people was not well designed. "People with disabilities can get the car moving but can’t easily control the car", said Li.

Xinguang Li was determined to develop a driving system that would really satisfy the need of disabled people. He learned mechanical design and collected all the information of driving assistive systems in China and abroad. After numerous experiments, the draft was finished on March 2016 and after many efforts he finally found a collaborator, and after more debugs and improvements, on August 2016, the system “D-Run” was finally launched.

With the “D-Run” system, disabled people are able to drive as freely as normal people. The system also provides specific supports on lower extremity absence, upper extremity weakness, upper limbs without fingers and right lower limb assistive devices, etc.

Li’s invention was experimented among disabled professionals and athletes and has received extremely positive comments. The “D-Run” has also granted 3 patents, and is already available on the market for 400-600 Euros, less than 10% the price of the similar products. Meanwhile, Li and his research group have been consistently improving the “D-run”, and he also plans to design the boarding system for disabled people to get inside/ out of the car freely.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2FaBWmS

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About the author

Xinguang Li, a middle-aged man from Guangxi, China, has been a patient of Polio soon after he was born. He developed the “D-Run”, a driving assistance system for the handicapped people that enables them to drive as freely as normal people.

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