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Phoria and hyperopia patient invents eye muscle detector

Shared by Shuyue Zhang on 2018-01-26 11:16

About the solution

Yunlu Gao, born in 2005, was diagnosed with serious hyperopia and congenital phoria, which gradually developed into strabismus with age. The doctor said eye surgery was required and if he had not recovered at a certain age, non-surgical early treatment would be the solution to improve his condition.

To help his treatment, Yunlu Gao has invented an eye muscle strength detector. The device can guide the rotation of the eye, analyse the muscle condition and obtain results through comparison and data analysis. Besides, it can conveniently send the eye-related data through the Internet to the patient's medical institutions and provide treatment plan for the patients.

During his treatment, Yunlu Gao and his father learned as much as they could on strabismus through the internet and international ophthalmic books, through which they understood the key factors. After four years of hard work, Gao’s binocular vision has been effectively controlled, together with his binocular fusion function and strabismus.

Gao’s eye muscle detection device has won the silver award in the 69th IENA invention exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany. His explanation on the principle of the invention, combining with his own experiences, has received high praise among the professional judges. Gao hopes to share his treatment process and methods to help more people suffering from strabismus.

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About the author

Yunlu Gao, born in 2005, in Shenzhen, China, was born with phoria and serious hyperopia. During the treatment, he developed an eye muscle detector with the help of his father. The device guides the rotation of the eye, analyses the muscle condition and obtains results through comparison and data analysis.

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