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3D printed lamps to help hearing impared people

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-14 16:43

About the solution

‘My wife and little son are both hard of hearing, and I constantly see how that impacts our daily lives. I wanted to design a machine that would enable them to hear better and more,’ he says.

‘I finally chose to design a special lamp, the Absorblight, that could hang over dinner tables. Why a lamp? Light is important for people with bad hearing. It enables them to properly see the facial features and the position of the mouth,’ he explains. ‘And you can hang it on the most important place in family life, the dinner table.’

Vereecke also made the lamp functional in another respect. The top side features an intricate design that is especially intended to reduce ambient noise and other sounds coming from various direction. ‘The top side absorbs that environmental noise, that makes it difficult for people to distinguish sounds,’ he explains. The lamp has already been extensively tested in noisy places, where people with hearing difficulties reported a 15 percent increase in what they can understand. It almost creates bubbles of quietness in crowded places.

What’s more, this lamp can be custom made to absorb particular noises, so the Absorblight can theoretically be especially 3D printed for any hearing difficulty a person might be suffering from. A simple, effective and low-cost solution that doesn’t require machinery in your ear.

More info: http://www.vectorarchitecten.be/

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2gpIdjD

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About the author

Bruno Vereecke, born in 1978, in Belgium, created a 3D printed lamp intended for the partially deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Bruno made this invention to help his family.

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