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A mental health advocate and patient launches a website to provide support and resources for those in need

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2024-04-01 12:01

About the solution

Ana Marta Martins, a 24 years-old Portuguese actress, initiated her venture into mental health advocacy with a focused aim: to establish a supportive platform for individuals struggling with mental health challenges. A few days ago she founded her own website, AMMAR, motivated by her personal encounters with anxiety and a firm commitment to challenging societal perceptions surrounding mental illness.

AMMAR, the website Ana established, serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals navigating mental health challenges. With a mission to destigmatize mental illness, AMMAR sells merchandise products aimed at raising awareness and challenging societal perceptions surrounding mental health challenges and diseases. Through the sale of these products, Ana seeks to promote conversations and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

AMMAR provides practical support and guidance through informative content, aiming to foster understanding and assistance among its users. With a wide range of topics including wellness, recipes, fitness, and travel, among others, AMMAR aims to provide practical support and guidance for individuals prioritizing their mental health and overall well-being. Ana seeks to create a safe and inclusive space where individuals can find consolation and help. Through the sharing of personal experiences and the promotion of open dialogue, AMMAR endeavors to combat stigma and promote a more empathetic and collaborative understanding of mental health.

As AMMAR continues to evolve, Ana's focus remains on providing accessible resources and support to those in need. By cultivating a supportive community and offering practical tools for self-care, AMMAR strives to empower individuals on their journey towards mental wellness.

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About the author

Ana Marta Martins, 24, a Portuguese actress, transitioned from studying acting in Portugal to pursuing a bachelor's degree in London and is currently completing her master's in film production. Along the way, she struggled with her mental health, finding comfort in lifestyle changes like exercise and diet, but also emphasizing the crucial role of therapy in her well-being.

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