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Australian mother invents Throat Scope, a medical device with built-in light for precise intraoral examinations

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2023-08-24 16:29

About the solution

Jennifer Holland, an Australian entrepreneur and mother, is the mind behind Throat Scope. The inspiration for this innovative product struck her during a visit to the doctor with her 15-month-old baby, who was experiencing a sore throat. Observing the doctor's use of a wooden tongue depressor and flashlight to examine her child's throat, Holland recognized the absence of an affordable intraoral light. To fill this gap, she embarked on research and crafted the initial prototype in her garage, costing a mere $2.50. This prototype laid the foundation for her first patent, centered around light refraction and transparent plastic. This breakthrough offered an economical alternative to fiber optics. Throat Scope was then born in 2010 as an illuminating tongue depressor and retraction device, to facilitate swift, precise, and hassle-free intraoral examinations.

Jennifer Holland pitched Throat Scope and was awarded the Pitch Tank 2018 Winner by judges Steve Forbes, Bernt Ullmann, Kevin Harrington, John Mackay, and Kerry Gordy. This esteemed recognition was followed by a significant boost of $110,000 from Amazon, reinforcing the revolutionary potential of her creation. To launch her product Jennifer also used a $50,000 Queensland Government grant, in addition to her notable appearance on a reality television show, to secure the necessary support for her visionary project.

Motivated by her passion for innovation, Jennifer Holland transitioned from inventing Throat Scope to founding Holland Healthcare. This visionary med-tech company is dedicated to two significant goals. First, crafting Inspired Diagnostic Solutions to aid families in recognizing oral health issues like oral cancer, sore throat, thrush, and inflamed gums. Second, using advanced technology to turn conventional medical devices into AI-powered tools. They also aim to introduce an accessible Virtual Oral Healthcare System for widespread high-quality oral health exams and telehealth services.

It's worth highlighting that Throat Scope is a medical device approved by the FDA, TGA and CE that nowadays has achieved remarkable global reach, being available in over 140 countries.

Jennifer's journey and Holland Healthcare's efforts are celebrated for simplifying medical processes in oral health and telemedicine. Their positive impact spans hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and more. Beyond diagnosis, they emphasize early head and neck cancer detection and efficient resource use. With a forward-looking perspective, Holland Healthcare seeks to merge medical devices with AI-driven solutions, embodying their vision of boundary-pushing Inspired Diagnostic Solutions.

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About the author

Jennifer Holland, renowned as the "Inventor of Light Inside the Mouth," stands as the CEO and Founder of Holland Healthcare. Balancing roles as a devoted mother and astute entrepreneur, she has ingeniously harmonized the demands of caregiving and her responsibilities as a mother of four. Hailing from Australia, Holland has launched multiple groundbreaking medical devices aimed to improve medical examination, communication and diagnostic processes using AI.

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