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Former refugee develops a game to change the mindset and promote peace

Shared by Sara Di Fabio on 2020-03-18 11:02

About the solution

Lual Mayen, a former refugee from South Sudan, built the video game Salaam that puts the player in the shoes of a refugee forced to flee a war-torn region.

The aim of the video game is to drive a generational shift in mindset inspiring a sustainable peace. Moreover, when purchasing food, water, and medicine in the game, the proceeds will be sent to help people living in refugee camps.

The game starts with a caravan of refugees walking through the jungle on their way to safety. Suddenly, gunshots are fired in the distance and the caravan begins to run. Panic ensues and your character makes way to the front of the group. A military vehicle appears ahead and soldiers fire in your direction. Now alone, your character turns down the nearest path. Thus, the game begins.

Lual taught himself how to code and how to create video games thanks to online resources after his mum managed to buy him a laptop. Thanks to a friend, Lual realised the power of video games and how they can influence people. Therefore, he wanted to create a game for peace and conflict resolution. He founded his own video game company in 2016, Junub Games.

Adapted from: https://junubgames.com/

More information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjAzjHFpIYE


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About the author

Lual Mayen, 1995, from South Sudan living in the USA, escaped the country with his parents during the second Sudanese Civil War and was raised in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda. He built his first video game in a refugee camp. Since then, won several gaming awards and he has travelled the world speaking about the power of video games for peace. In 2016 he founded his video game company Junub Games.

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