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Device to help amputees take a shower

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-06-28 19:19

About the solution

In 2016, the inventor created a prototype that consists of a prosthesis that prevents slipping and gives stability, easily attaching and detaching before and after a shower. This prosthesis is stable and features the same base used for quad-foot canes attached to a standard socket found on most prosthetic legs.

"His bathroom is so small that using a chair was not feasible”, the inventor explained. "Instead, he stood on one leg to bathe. He fell many times, but it's the decades of standing on his one good leg that damaged his left hip", he added.

The solution has been working well for Frank, which currently it’s its only user. But Michael intends to change that, by making it available to other amputees. SDSU will begin to fund the testing and licensing for manufacturing.

Michael estimates the device price will be of $300, be he wants it to be cheaper.

"We want to get the cost of the device down so low that any lower-limb amputee on the planet can afford it. By researching exotic materials and 3-D printing, we hope to sell varying lengths and in a variety of colors and design patterns", Michael described.

Adapted from: http://on.cpsj.com/2hMBSCR

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About the author

Michael Simonetti, born in USA, in 1962, is a military veteran and a San Diego State University (SDSU) student who invented the Shower-Safe Base, a device designed to help amputees and people with physical disabilities to take a shower. Michael was inspired by his friend and fellow military friend, Frank Jones, 45, who had a right lower-leg amputation, and told him the worst part about his day is bathing.

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