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Speak4me- how a boy's innovation is helping his brother speak

Shared by Carolina Piedade on 2022-05-13 16:25

About the solution

Sean’s six-year-old brother Adam Porter was diagnosed with autism when he was just two years old, and from then on he wasn't able to fully express himself, struggling to speak and unable to ask for some of the simplest requests. This baffled his big brother, who made a point to help him as best as he could to express his needs and wants.

After being asked to create a game for a school project, Sean decided to go one step further in a bid to help someone very close to him and built an app for non-verbal children and those with autism to help them communicate. This is how Speak4me came to life!

This app allows Sean and other children with the same condition to specify what their needs are, and have them met much quicker than before. The users can now communicate by just tapping a picture, and the app will say it for them!

Adapted from https://propermanchester.com/trending/nine-year-old-schoolboy-creates-ap... and https://themanc.com/news/northern-lad-creates-app-to-help-children-with-...

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About the author

Nine-year-old Sean Porter from Southport was originally asked to create a game for a school project, which led him to invent an app to facilitate the way his brother, who has autism, communicates.

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