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Clevermind, a dementia friendly interface for dementia patients created by a caring son

Shared by Carolina Piedade on 2022-05-28 16:14

About the solution

As Glenn Palumbo's dad was diagnosed with dementia at 82 years old, he saw an extremely healthy man, from a physical perspective, have his mind deteriorate at a rapid pace. This meant that his dad's independence decreased, and Glenn knew that simple changes in a controlled environment could allow him to regain some of his old self!

This is how Clevermind came to fruition.

The app essentially is a user interface in a controlled environment, with a limited number of large, color-coordinated buttons and voice control. It also takes advantage of Apple's Guided Access to lock a mentally impaired user into the Clevermind interface, allowing the person to not get frustrated or lost, which may lead to inadvertently deleting items or making unintended online purchases. The system will also incorporate cognitive assessment training, tracking, and reporting, allowing for research to be performed.

Some of the additional features in the app include the fact it has password protection, there are quizzes users can access that help with keeping the brain alert and stimulated, a journal to draw in or write in, and multiple games to help dementia patients exercise their mind.

To launch Clevermind, the company has teamed up with BridgePoint Technologies, an IT consulting firm in Oak Brook, Ill., for marketing and programming assistance and is trying to raise money on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Get the app here http://clevermind.appstor.io/
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About the author

Glenn Palumbo developed Clevermind for his dad, in order to help him navigate through his dementia diagnosis.

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