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Mother develops BeMe.ai, an app to track and support autistic individuals, their families and care teams

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2023-11-08 14:08

About the solution

BeMe.ai is a Canadian-Bulgarian based in the U.S initiative dedicated to enhancing the lives of autistic children and their families. The project was founded in 2020 by Sarah Glofcheskie, a mother with firsthand experience in autism caregiving. BeMe.ai is a solution designed to support families and their care teams on their journeys, driven by a deep commitment to address the needs of the Autism community.

At the core of BeMe’s offerings is a holistic tracking system that integrates an intuitive smartphone application and wearable devices for wrists, ankles, and sleep monitoring. These devices collect essential data related to an Autistic child's health and behaviour, including physical activity, sleep patterns, and other biometric information. This data is then transmitted to the BeMe app, where it is processed and analyzed using artificial intelligence algorithms, helping parents to gather insights to make informed decisions.

Through BeMe.ai, this wealth of information is transformed into actionable understanding. Users can easily input and access data, gaining more perspectives on their child's well-being. With the ability to collaborate with therapists, medical experts, and educators, BeMe serves as a co-pilot, helping families become more informed about unobservable details and subtle indicators, ultimately providing a comprehensive and holistic view of their autistic child's needs and progress.

BeMe.ai's impact extends beyond language barriers, prioritizing visual information for international users. Early adopters play a crucial role in the platform's development, providing feedback that refines BeMe's needs-based approach.

BeMe.ai achieved a significant milestone by finalizing its Pre-Seed Round of investment in 2021, raising 750K euros. This substantial support from renowned entities like Bulgarian VC Eleven Ventures and international angel investors underscores the potential and the interest of the solution. BeMe.ai is designed with HIPAA compliance to ensure the secure handling of sensitive health information for autistic individuals and their support networks.

The emphasis of this startup is on ensuring affordability and accessibility. The primary mission, stated by the founder, remains providing invaluable support to autistic individuals and their families without imposing financial strain. The team behind the startup encompasses autism advocates, individuals with autism themselves, and caregivers of autistic family members. This includes the CEO, who is a dedicated caregiver for her own autistic child.

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About the author

Sarah Glofcheskie is the CEO of BeMe.ai. Beyond her professional credentials, Sarah is a fervent advocate for Neurodiversity. She has an Autistic child, what served as the catalyst for the creation of BeMe in 2020. Sarah embarked on a mission to change the way in how support is given to Autistic individuals and their families. Through BeMe, she endeavors to provide a transformative solution that empowers and enriches the lives of those in the Autism community.

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