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Cancer survivor develops intravenous backpack

Shared by tmmramalho on 2015-01-02 17:40

About the solution

Kylie created this product after having some discomfort she found discomfort when walking around with the necessary IV pole.

“I remember tripping over all the wires, getting tangled up and having to drag this big thing around”, the inventor explained.

She was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare bone and soft tissue cancer, when she was eight years old.

In order to solve the problem of walking with all the wires, which was also scary for her, she created an IV backpack specially designed to accommodate a pump for chemotherapy or transfusions.

Kylie also used her experience and problems with chemotherapy to help her with a school project, which also drove her to create this invention.

The backpack helps the patient walk around by being fitted with the IV pole on the top corner of the bag, having a wire protector around the IV sack that ensures that the medical machine stays inside the bag. Additionally, by being a backpack, it’s hands free, and allows users to distract themselves and to do other things during chemotherapy. It also helps younger patients by being less scary, because the backpack can be customized according to one’s tastes. Kylie’s is Hello Kitty-themed.

"I worked with my mom and dad to actually make it and my nurses and doctors gave me some tips," the girl said. "They were saying it has to be light and portable and there has to be something that protects it if you sit back, so I thought of the metal cage that protects it".

Kylie is looking for funding and trying to get the product patented, in order to make it available for everyone undergoing chemo.

More info: http://www.couragebykylie.com

Adapted from: http://dailym.ai/2hShQ8x

This solution shall not include mention to the use of drugs, chemicals or biologicals (including food); invasive devices; offensive, commercial or inherently dangerous content. This solution was not medically validated. Proceed with caution! If you have any doubts, please consult with a health professional.

About the author

Kylie Simonds, born in USA, in 2003, is a cancer survivor who invented an intravenous (IV) backpack to help her with chemotherapy when she was eleven years old.

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  • Pedro Oliveira Fri, 01/02/2015 - 21:00

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