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Girl develops vehicle to transport her disabled brother

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-05-02 17:50

About the solution

The young boy is dependent on his father to be ferried around. Because his father is not always available, sometimes Nikhil misses classes. With this in mind, Mayuri took action and created a solution.

“My brother is growing up, and it is not comfortable and convenient for my father to lift him and hold him on the scooter every time he goes to school. At times when my father is not around, he misses his classes. So I thought of this idea to take my brother to school with me and discussed it with my teachers and principal and everyone gladly supported me”, she explained.

The girl had the idea of connecting a cycle to a wheelchair. With the help of her teachers and the school’s technical, team, she welded a cycle to the wheelchair, making some modifications so that the boy can be safe. It took the team one week to finish this project.

The device works by having the brake system of the cycle connected to the wheel both of the cycle and the wheelchair. They’ve installed a belt to ensure the user’s safety.

Adapted from: http://bit.do/eRoty

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About the author

Mayuri Popat Yadav, born in India, was 16 years old when she built, in 2018, a vehicle to carry her brother Nikhil, who is physically disabled and uses a wheelchair.

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