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Man uses 3D printing to create spoon for blind boy

Shared by Katie Patient on 2017-07-05 11:07

About the solution

At just two years old, Anthony was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and after undergoing a surgery that successfully removed the tumour, he lost his vision. In beginning his road to recovery, Anthony and his family discovered that reintroducing basic life skills, such as feeding himself, were more challenging than anticipated.

Anthony’s therapist introduced him to a special spoon that made eating easier. However, after struggling to find the spoon anywhere, his mother reached out for answers on Facebook, and a friend of her father saw the post and felt the need to help.

Wayne, who is a US marine, said, “as a Marine, we don't leave anyone behind. I've never met Anthony but he is a remarkable little boy.”

After failing to find a spoon that fit Anthony’s liking, Wayne borrowed the spoon from his therapist, and took a number of measurements and pictures, and decided to use the information to try 3D printing at a local UPS store.

Through working extensively with a designer and franchisee, and despite facing a number of challenges such as finding Food and Drug Administration approved materials, Wayne was able to complete a perfect spoon for Anthony, which ended up also including a fork tool.

Wayne’s help was invaluable to Antony’s family, with his mother saying, "when I gave the spoon to Anthony it made a huge difference. I was having to sit and feed two kids at the same time so Anthony having a spoon where he could feed himself not only gave him independence and confidence but it also helped me so I don't have to sit and feed him myself". 

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2spyRK1

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About the author

Wayne Whitworth, from the USA, is a former Marine who found out about four year old boy, Anthony, who became blind after the removal of a brain tumor and was struggling with learning how to feed himself, through social media. After looking to his own friends for help, but to no avail, Wayne took matters into his own hands and collaborated with designers and a 3D printing store to create a custom-made spoon for Anthony.

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