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Mom Invents Eco-Friendly Glass Baby Bottle System

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-10-01 13:33

About the solution

5 Phases is the first bottle-feeding system to introduce an interchangeable glass insert. The unique design kept the eco-mom in mind providing the healthful benefits of glass and the protection of BPA free plastic, all while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. The "grow with me" feeding system truly makes the bottles the most eco-friendly baby bottle-feeding system out there.

The unique interchangeable glass insert concept is one of a kind. The recyclable translucent plastic sleeve guards against breakage but contains the broken glass and liquid mess if breaking occurs. This makes it a safer alternative in glass bottle-feeding. The ability to buy additional glass inserts adds convenience and affordability and reduces the carbon footprint in the environment because you use less plastic (the 4oz starter set demonstrates this feature). A perfect storage solution for pumped milk and formulas, the glass inserts grow with me feeding system is ideal for homemade baby food when baby has moved on from his bottles.

Features & Benefits:
• Removable glass insert
• Translucent plastic sleeve
• Vented silicone nipple
• Microwaveable
• BPA, PVC and phthalate free
• Third party tested

“With all the health concerns of plastics and infants being the most vulnerable, I felt there was a need for more options for parents who wanted to use glass. My passion in creating this bottle has been to both educate and help caring parents while giving them a better alternative for feeding their baby”, shares Christina Barlow.

More info: http://www.5phases.com

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2wJAUtO

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About the author

Christine Barlows, born in 1965, in USA, is a mother whose son was diagnosed with a birth defect. As a result, she became more aware of how environmental factors affect children, and created an eco-friendly glass baby bottle system.

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