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Former addict David Emanuel Sarabia develops inRecovery, a holistic addiction recovery platform

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2024-03-21 11:49

About the solution

David, a serial entrepreneur based in California, confronted his own battle with addiction leading him to rehab. Recognizing the need for more effective, data-driven approaches to addiction treatment, he founded inRecovery in 2017.

At its core, inRecovery is dedicated to revolutionizing addiction care through its holistic technology platform. The platform offers personalized support and assistance to individuals struggling with addiction, emphasizing the role of innovative technology in improving treatment outcomes.

Through features like customised therapy plans, powered by real-time data analysis, inRecovery tailors treatment strategies to each individual's unique needs and progress. The platform's intelligence engine, EMMA, provides individualised therapy suggestions, offering additional support and guidance throughout the recovery process.

Gamification techniques incentivize engagement and motivation, while logistical management tools simplify operations for treatment centers, allowing staff to deliver high-quality care effectively.

inRecovery extends its support beyond treatment, providing ongoing assistance through features like inRecovery CONNECT and alumni network connectivity. These features foster ongoing connections and support within the community, helping individuals maintain their sobriety long-term.

Regarding privacy and security, inRecovery ensures the protection of user data with HIPAA compliance. As part of StartupHealth's portfolio, inRecovery receives tailored support for healthcare startups, facilitating its growth and innovation in revolutionizing addiction treatment. With a commitment to growth and innovation, inRecovery has successfully raised two rounds of funding.

inRecovery represents a step forward in addiction treatment, offering individuals the tools, support, and personalized care needed to navigate the challenges of recovery successfully.

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About the author

David Emanuel Sarabia, a serial entrepreneur, transitioned from coding prodigy to tech success story, struggling with addiction along the way. Despite early tech achievements, David faced addiction and homelessness by 30. A tragic loss of a friend who overdosed prompted him to seek help, leading to a transformative vision: inRecovery. Integrating data-driven insights and AI tools, inRecovery tailors treatment plans with a focus on post-treatment support for long-term recovery.

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