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Mother invents Guardian Lane, a platform to provide mental health support to grieving children

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2023-08-01 12:39

About the solution

Guardian Lane is an innovative platform dedicated to transforming children's mental health support. By sourcing counselors and therapists from around the world, the platform ensures a diverse and extensive network of professionals with expertise in various areas. Guardian Lane enables children and their families to connect with the right counselor who can best address their unique needs.

At the core of Guardian Lane's approach lies the conversion of therapeutic activities into self-guided videos. These engaging videos are carefully designed with children in mind, providing them with accessible coping mechanisms and mental health resources. By using self-guided videos the platform offers flexibility and convenience, empowering children to take charge of their emotional well-being from the comfort of their own homes.

Guardian Lane's initial focus on grief counseling is a testament to its commitment to addressing one of the most sensitive and challenging aspects of childhood. By supporting children and families through the grieving process, the platform aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for healing. Beyond grief counseling, Guardian Lane extends its support to encompass various other life experiences that children may encounter. Whether it be dealing with the impacts of divorce, facing bullying, or coping with the mental health effects of COVID, the platform is dedicated to providing holistic assistance for children navigating through life's adversities.

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About the author

Kristina Jones, the visionary founder of Guardian Lane, is a passionate advocate for children's mental well-being. Her own experience of childhood grief, losing her father at the age of 7 and having to cope with such profound loss at such a young age, became the driving force behind the platform's creation

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