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The Shower Shirt™ - A shirt that allows breast cancer patients to have a shower

Shared by lclisacrites on 2014-01-16 01:07

About the solution

The SHOWER SHIRT is a patented product designed to keep breast cancer/mastectomy patients post-surgical drain sites dry. Before the advent of this product, patients were reduced to trash bags or plastic wrap in trying to protect the surgical drains from getting wet while showering. The SHOWER SHIRT product provides these patients with a water-resistant garment specifically designed to not only keep the JP/Blake surgical drains from getting wet, the product also hosts the weight of the drain bulbs and tubes through internal pockets.

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About the author

Lisa Crites is a cancer survivor, and a winner of the 1st Patient Innovation Awards. Lisa had a double mastectomy, and then she was told to not to wet the suture area. Because she wanted to shower normally, she invented a waterproof shirt - The Shower Shirt™.

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