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Mastectomy patient post operative garment.

Shared by healincomfort on 2014-01-10 00:06

About the solution

"Mastectomies hurt! Any movement was painful, nothing to wear and old man PJ’s and safety pins are NOT helpful "equipment" to heal in after losing your breasts. If someone sprains an elbow and receives surgery, the expectation is that they would go home with a sling to help their arm heal", Mathews said.
It seems like common sense that this type of aid would also be provided for breast-cancer survivors recovering from a mastectomy, but for Cherie Mathews, her experience was quite different.
“I am a 16-year breast-cancer survivor, and I had the personal experience of not having functional, comfortable post-operative clothing to wear,” Mathews says. “I was actually shocked to learn that it was up to me to make whatever I had in my closet ‘work.’ Brushing my teeth was difficult, never mind modifying clothing.”
Realizing a need, Mathews quickly set her mind to designing specialty clothing to help breast cancer patients heal in comfort and dignity, and healincomfort.com was born. Having failed home economics back in her school days, it’s perhaps ironic that she decided to design specialty clothing. But she quickly found that she had the skills she needed from her past career.
“I’m a former IBMer and I used what I learned as far as reverse engineering to design, trademark and patent the healincomfort shirt to be able to solve one piece of the journey through cancer,” Mathews says.
This reverse engineering seems to have done the trick, and her popular post-op shirts include features like Velcro-like buttons for convenient dressing, internal pockets to help conceal and store drains, soft wicking material to help manage moisture and even a flattering light-blue color that complements many skin tones and allows for wardrobe diversity.
“It was a great day of celebration when I filed for my patent and said, ‘Thank you Austin Woman magazine for your grant. I have saved it for this very day,’ ” Mathews recalls.
Healincomfort is helping breast cancer patients as they recover from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Mathews sees her shirts as “real gear for real patients who are in the battle.” Her mission is to help women everywhere fight that battle in the most comfortable and dignified ways possible. The ultimate end goal is to make the healincomfort recovery shirt an industry standard just like a sling!

Website www.healincomfort.com and www.TheRecoveryShirt.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/healincomfort?ref=hl
Twitter https://twitter.com/healincomfort


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About the author

Cherie B. Mathews is a 16-year breast cancer survivor founder and CEO of Heal In Comfort. She is the inventor behind the Post Mastectomy Recovery Shirt.

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