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Patient Dana Donofree creates - AnaOno- apparel line for women who have undergone extensive breast surgeries.

Shared by Joana Santos Afonso on 2024-01-04 22:01

About the solution

AnaOno, founded and led by Dana Donofree, is a pioneering intimate and lifestyle apparel brand designed exclusively for women who have undergone extensive breast surgeries. Recognizing the need for comfortable, stylish, and functional lingerie for breast surgery survivors, Dana embarked on a mission to create a collection that empowers and uplifts. Her journey from breast cancer diagnosis to CEO and head designer of AnaOno has revolutionized the way women feel about themselves post-surgery.

AnaOno stands out for its commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by breast surgery survivors. Key features and innovations include:

1. Functional Design: AnaOno's lingerie is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, support, and confidence to women undergoing mastectomies, breast reconstruction, or other breast surgeries. Each piece is crafted to accommodate prosthetics or breast forms while remaining stylish.

2. Inclusivity: The brand emphasizes inclusivity, catering to various body types and ensuring every survivor can find the perfect fit and style.

3. Fashion-forward Aesthetics: AnaOno's intimate apparel is functional and fashionable, allowing women to feel beautiful and confident regardless of their breast surgery journey.

Source of information: https://www.anaono.com/pages/about-us
Follow on: https://www.facebook.com/anaonointimates | https://www.instagram.com/anaonointimates/
Contacts: cs@anaono.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/danakassedonofree/ | https://twitter.com/AnaOnoIntimates

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About the author

Dana Donofree's inspiration for AnaOno came from her personal experience. After being diagnosed with Infiltrative Ductal Carcinoma, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction. During her recovery, she encountered a significant gap in the market for intimate apparel that met the specific needs of women like herself. Dissatisfied with the options, Dana channeled her recovery journey and decade-long fashion industry experience into creating a line that blends fashion with function.

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