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Students create joystick-controlled car for children with disabilities

Shared by Ana Ribeiro on 2020-12-16 14:25

About the solution

A robotics team composed of high-school students created a ride-on car for children with disabilities that is controlled through a joystick. The students based their model on a project by the global initiative GoBabyGo, which modifiy toy ride-on car by swapping the foot pedal for a button, making it easier for children with low mobility.

However, the students in the team wanted to improve on that design, making it even more accessible. Because children with severly impaired mobility may not be able to use a steering wheel or even push a button, the team decided to came up with a way to have the cars be controlled with a joystick.

As the team states “ The joystick cars function as a kind of powered wheelchair. This is especially important because few motorized wheelchair models exist for small children, and those that do exist cost thousands of dollars.“ Their design allows children low mobility to enjoy the freedom and joy of becoming independently mobile and exploring the world around them.

The projects can be made out of mostly common tools and materials, including some 3D-printed parts and easily accessible electronic controllers. An entire list of materials and detailed list of instruction can be found at the project’s page on the Instrutables website: https://www.instructables.com/GoBabyGo-Make-a-Joystick-controlled-Ride-o...


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About the author

Members of the South Eugene Robotics Team created a joystick-controlled ride-on car for children with low mobility, based on a design by the GoBabyGo initiative. The team is composed of studnts from the Eugene/Springfield area (USA)

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