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Visually impaired creates E-car to help the blind

Shared by JoanaSaraiva on 2019-09-13 10:36

About the solution

As a visually impaired man, he was inspired to create a solution to help people like him become more independent. So he developed an electric vehicle.

It can drive 12km/h and weighs approximately 80 Kg. The prototype was created using a former wheelchair with a mounted car seat and two car batteries. The structure is surrounded by a framework made of steel. It also includes four ultrasound sensors, which measure the distance of four meters.

The E-car has a driving assistance system so that people with different degrees of visual impairment can use it. It uses the audio output to communicate the distance to the surrounding objects.

According to Mathias, his invention helps the blind or partially blind become more mobile and active, as they gain independence in their daily life.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2lOOjAZ


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About the author

Mathias Fuchs, from Germany, is visually impaired. He created E-car, a vehicle meant to help the visually impaired.

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