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Grandson creates system to help his grandmother find phone numbers

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-07-30 10:03

About the solution

Encarna Alés, born in 1944, was forced to leave school to work, so she never got the chance to learn to write and read. This made impossible for her to use a phone book.

So her grandson Pedro started making drawings, when he was 11, in a notebook to help her find her contacts’ numbers so she could remember which number was which.

"On every page and for every number, I would draw a picture that she felt would identify the person she wanted to call. It was something we thought of together. She says something unique about every person and I draw it out for her. It's a system we've had for twenty years”, Pedro explained.

This system even helped the two of them to create a special bond. "Every time I'm back home, I sit down and add new drawings for her. It's become something special between the two of us”, he said.

Adapted from: https://bbc.in/2K9yGMS

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About the author

Pedro Ortega, born in Spain, in 1987, used drawing to help his illiterate grandmother find phone numbers.

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