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Man develops pediatric powerchair for boy with no limbs

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-06-17 15:23

About the solution

Chance was born without arms and legs (he doesn’t have legs but has partial feet and arm stumps).

It’s hard for the boy to navigate around their home and engage with other people. There are self-propelled wheelchairs, but no motorised solutions available on the market.

So Chance’s family made a request to charity May We Help (an organisation that develops gadgets to increase the autonomy level of disabled people).

“His only means for transportation is rolling around on the floor or moving around like an inchworm. He is always on the floor. It would be amazing if he could climb into a chair like Jovia’s that would allow him to go outside and go for a walk, to sit up instead of laying on the ground all the time. It would be a significant move towards independence”, they explained.

So Chris Garner, from May We Help, built him a pediatric powerchair, using an adapted pediatric wheelchair, motor, plastic and metal.

The boy got this device in 2015, and thanks to it he is able to independently navigate his environment and participate in activities with his siblings and friends.

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/2WJRhrU

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About the author

Chris Garner, from the USA, developed a pediatric powerchair, for Chance, a physically disabled boy who was three years old when he got this solution.

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