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Amputated man invents prosthesis for surfing

Shared by Elise Thioliere on 2017-06-07 15:07

About the solution

Since childhood, Eric Dargent is a great ocean lover. After his accident in 2011, he developed a prosthesis which allows him to do surf again.

His passion for surfing took him across the most beautiful beaches on the world. In February 2011, he was surfing in Reunion Island, when a shark attacked him. In a matter of seconds, he lost his left leg.
To overcome the trauma, Eric decide to cling to his passion. “Few days after the accident, I wanted surfing again”, he said.

For this man, to go back up on a surfboard was as crucial as walking again. Few weeks after the attack, he decided to create his own prosthesis. To make this project, he received the help from a specialist - Proteor - and the amputee snowboarder Patrice Barattero.

Eric designed, tested and developed a first prototype built with a hydraulic damper. He wanted to create a prosthesis which could be used by disabled people who practice sliding sports.
His purpose is also to reduce the cost of sport prosthesis. Eric’s prosthesis costs 4000€ less than a “normal prosthesis”. In 2016, his prosthesis was commercialised for the first time in France.

Thanks to his prosthesis and his determination Eric won the French surf championship in 2015 and 2016. Moreover, in 2016, Eric took the second place in the international championships.

In 2011, he also created an association called “Les surfeurs Dargent”. The aim of this association is to promote, create and adapt prosthesis to allow people to do water sports.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2rZx0OD

More info: http://www.associationsurfeursdargent.com/

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About the author

Eric Dargent was born in 1977, in France. In February 2011, he was attacked by a shark. He lost his left leg in the accident. But his passion for the surf led him to invent a new prosthesis, which allows disabled people to do water sports. In 2011, the first prototype was tested. Today this artificial limb is being commercialized. Thanks to his innovation Eric continues to pursue avidly his passion.

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