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Man develops tool to help him gardening

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-07-25 17:47

About the solution

The stick is made with recycled material from a bicycle, using the brakes, so he can adjust the stick in two different positions. This way, Gerard can pull weeds and collect the plants without having to bend down.

"With this clip it is possible to directly remove the weeds from the soil. I can plant a line of 60 chicory plants without having to bend down", the inventor explained.

Gerard, who is an innovator at heart, is always looking to find new solutions to help him and his family and friends, and he was awarded by Handicap International, in 2015, for his gardening tool.

“What about a hands free umbrella and cane? I’m always having new ideas. I will be here next year”, he guaranteed.

According to Gerard, "this clamp to garden can be used by all people with disabilities, elderly, anyone who wants to work more easily in the garden and, when it was used once, no can live without it".

Adapted from: http://www.hln.be/regio/nieuws-uit-zedelgem/zeventiger-wint-prijs-voor-u...

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About the author

Gerard Vanpoucke, born in 1941, in Belgium, has muscular problems and cramps, and he likes gardening. So he invented a clamp to help him gardening, in 2003.

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