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Home solutions for disabled people

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-11 15:20

About the solution

Here are some of Peter’s solutions:

A system was develop in order for Peter’s bathroom door to open automatically for him when he approaches it and the lights turn on without him having to flick a switch.

“What I did was I used an ultra sound PIR. I design it and my nephew helps me build it”. Running on a simple electric motor, the sliding door would gently fall back when the sensors were activated. They are also programmed not to register anyone below a certain height, to prevent Peter’s dogs constantly triggering the system.

Peter has done some very smooth tweaks to the back of his wheelchair to improve both his safety and that of his two dogs when he goes out to walk them.

He has installed a series of lights (red, blue and white) that light up in slow succession. “If you approach a car that is parked on the pavement and you need to go out onto the road and drive around that car; it’s behind you that you are vulnerable. And it happens a lot.” The choice of colors is not incidental either. Himself a driver, Peter is well aware that whilst people’s attention drifts whilst they’re at the wheel, drivers react instinctively to brake lights (red) up ahead or emergency services (blue).

Peter also got a thin triangular frame, with similar lights, which he can fix to the back of his chair for further visibility, especially when in a crowded space like a shopping mall. “It makes people notice you. They maybe have a laugh at me but I don’t care. The point is no-one’s falling over me anymore”.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2gP5Y7E

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About the author

Peter Morton has numerous injuries which have led to a deterioration of damaged skeletal structures. His own home now feels the full extent of his technical skill and experience with a range of his own personal adaptations. He developed solutions for his home and also for his wheelchair.

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