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Design invents Eatwell - Tableware for Alzheimer's patients inspired by her grandmother

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-09-07 17:00

About the solution

Made up of balloon-like shades of colorful plastic in the three primary colors, Eatwell almost looks like a Playskool dinner set. But Eatwell isn't designed for children—it's scaled for adult hands—and the colors weren't chosen to be playful. Yao says that she chose her shades of red, yellow, and blue because of a study conducted by researchers at Boston University who discovered that individuals with cognitive impairment consumed 24% more food and 84% more liquid when they were served in brightly colored vessels.

The Eatwell was designed not only to improve the patient's ability to eat, but also to facilitate their caregivers job.

Every piece has been custom designed to address the needs of cognitive, motor, and physical impairments. The bowls and cups have a slanted base, to allow liquids and semi-solid foods to naturally collect on one side, making it easier for Alzheimer's patients to scoop and sip from them. Meanwhile, the curvature of the spoon head is designed to precisely match the contours at the bottom and sides of the bowls, allowing the latter to act like a natural guide for scooping.

In all, Yao says the Eatwell has over 20 unique features, designed especially to meet the special needs of people with Alzheimer's and other motor or mental impairments, features which helped Yao easily fund Eatwell on Indiegogo last year. "The response and the feedback that we have been getting from early testers, caretakers, and specialists in the aging care and elderly communities have been overwhelmingly and universally positive," she says.

More info: www.eatwellset.com

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/1J4Hzy3

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About the author

Sha Yao, a Taiwenese designer, created Eatwell, a colorfun and fun tableware after her grandmother fell ill with Alzheimer's, in order to help her eat with more dignity. This new tableware set uses bright colors, innovative ergonomics, and a clever design to help Alzheimer's patients through mealtime.

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