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Access Lab - a groundbreaking initiative that strives to ensure access to culture for people with disabilities and the deaf

Shared by Maria Coutinho on 2023-11-08 12:14

About the solution

Tiago Fortuna, an advocate for the integration of individuals with disabilities into society, is also someone who facing the challenges of living with a disability every day. His belief is rooted in the idea that people with disabilities should be more seamlessly integrated into society not because of their disabilities, but because the societal infrastructure should already be inclusive. Fueled by this principle, Tiago, alongside Joana Godinho, who has a background in social impact work with a focus on mobility issues and disabilities, co-founded Access Lab. Together, their mission is to catalyze positive change by fostering a more inclusive environment.

Access Lab isn't just about ramps for wheelchairs. It's also about making websites, venues, and events easy and fun for everyone, no matter their abilities. Tiago and Joana believe everyone should enjoy concerts and shows without any worries.
Access Lab is a groundbreaking initiative that strives to ensure access to culture for people with disabilities and the deaf, recognising it as a fundamental human right.

They focus on comprehensive accessibility, not just physical ramps, but also websites, venues, and making ticketing and event experiences user-friendly. In 2022, Access Lab launched with a holistic approach to inclusivity in the entertainment industry.

To transform audience experiences, Access Lab implements diagnostic actions, training plans, ticketing policies, accessible pathways, accessible programming, communication strategies, and impact assessments.

Their "Public Mediation" involves close interaction with disabled individuals and associations, creating partnerships and assessing impacts. The "Access Lab Academy" provides training in key areas, utilising global case studies and sessions led by national and international experts.

For more information: https://accesslab.pt

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About the author

Tiago Fortuna holds a degree in Communication Sciences from FCSH-UNL and pursued postgraduate studies in Culture Communication and Creative Industries. Tiago lives with a disability and is a fervent advocate for integration not based on individual limitations but on the need for intrinsically inclusive societal infrastructure. Joana Godinho, with her background in social impact work focused on mobility issues and disabilities, complements Tiago's vision.

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