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The ALTA Platform™, a collaborative canadian robotic device for automated patient transfers

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2023-06-27 13:07

About the solution

Able Innovations introduces the timely arrival of their robotic device, the ALTA Platform™. The ALTA Platform™ enables a single caregiver to perform automated transfers with the touch of a button, effectively addressing the issue of understaffing.

Able Innovations is a robotic medical device start-up founded by Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang. The company started the development of the ALTA Platform™ in 2018. Jayiesh drew inspiration from his experience as a volunteer in long-term care, witnessing the challenges and discomfort faced by both patients and caregivers during transfers. Philip, having experienced the struggles of patient transfer firsthand during his own extended stay in a healthcare facility, recognized the need for a sustainable solution. "The intense effort required in patient transfer under the current standard of care is not sustainable," said Jayiesh Singh, CEO of Able Innovations. "The pandemic has highlighted the cracks in the healthcare system, and patient transfer is one of them."

Able Innovations has recently secured a milestone by raising US $6 million to develop its ALTA Platform™. At the moment, the company is growing and seeking to raise $5-7MM in investment to scale-up sales, service and manufacturing whilst maintaining a significant IP and technology lead over the industry

The ALTA Platform™, is designed to tackle the challenges associated with patient transfers. The platform seamlessly integrates into daily hospital workflows, powered by an advanced and intuitive robotics platform. It offers a comprehensive solution that not only enhances the quality of care but also significantly reduces the physical strain on caregivers/nurses. With features such as bidirectional extension, motion-assist powered wheels, and motorized actuations for height and tilt adjustments, the ALTA Platform™ revolutionizes the way patients are moved, ensuring efficiency, safety, and dignity throughout the process. It also transmits device status and utilization data to the cloud, giving facilities key insights into workflows. The platform communicates with the user via a graphical interface while monitoring proper status of safety systems such as wheel locks and patient guards. The device allows the user to interact via portable remotes, fixed intuitive buttons and graphical displays on both sides of the device.

The ALTA Platform has garnered partnerships with leading healthcare systems, including the U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Toronto's University Health Network (UHN), and Ottawa's Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital. Able Innovations wants to redefine patient transfers with a focus on safety and dignity, while minimizing injuries to staff.

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About the author

Jayiesh Singh (CEO and co-founder) brings his engineering background to the development of innovative solutions. Phillip Chang (CTO and co-founder) is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Alternative Energy and Mechatronics. Their collaboration and personal experiences (Phillip Chang as a patient and Jayiesh Singh as a volunteer working on healthcare context), drive the creation of the ALTA Platform, designed to redefine patient transfers.

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