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Dad creates a children's book to increase her daughter's disability representation.

Shared by Carolina Piedade on 2021-10-17 01:25

About the solution

When Danny Jordan and his wife first learn that their daughter Emmerson would be born with a limb difference, they knew that she was coming to a world that was not so much informed about the disability and also not so kind towards it. Worrying thoughts came to their minds as they envisioned their daughter's future, but instead of being consumed with the future, they began to change the present. And with that in mind, these first time parents started to think of ways to change peoples perceptions of disabilities, so that their kid could live in a more loving, more accepting, more inclusive world.

That is how "The Capables" came to life. This is a series of children's books in which all the superheroes are kids with disabilities, and their disabilities are actually what connects them to their superpowers. In these stories there is also a key difference to other superheroes stories, since t the villains in his stories are not other people, but rather, experiences.

"The Capables" is the fulfillment of a promise that he made to his daughter over two years ago: to write, illustrate and print a book where the hero looks like her. It started with that simple promise and has grown into a deep commitment to the disability community as a whole.
He states that his goal for this series is to contribute to positive progress through accurate representation and inclusion of disability.

Learn more about this book and where to buy it https://www.thecapables.com/
Adapted from https://www.thecapables.com/ and https://www.foxla.com/news/the-capables-childrens-books-feature-superher...

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About the author

TV writer/producer Danny Jordan characterized his solution with this statement : "I just felt compelled to do whatever I could to put something out into this world that would make the world my daughter grows up in more inclusive, more loving, more educated, more empowering,"

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