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Award-winning young man creates artificial intelligence device for asthma diagnosis

Shared by Diogo Nunes on 2021-07-12 11:09

About the solution

Elias Fizesan, winner of two silver medals by FJSL and I-FEST2, found that 1 in 3 asthmatic patients is misdiagnosed and is taking medication unnecessarily. That said, he created a device that, using algorithms, can diagnose asthmatic patients.

This device is placed on the chest of a patient whose doctor suspects they may have asthma and is able to monitor the patient's respiratory vibrations and diagnose them by analyzing these vibrations using some algorithms.

Elias had difficulty finding data online so he started collecting data himself by creating a website called recordacough.com with an 8 second timer to get 3 different audio samples which are uploaded to a database in order to train the algorithms used.

This project was presented at the world's largest science competition for young people (ISEF) where it won third prize in the Biomedical Engineering category.

With an accuracy of 90% and combining this device with other types of tests, the diagnosis of asthmatic patients could be perfect.

Story adapted from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g53I96WO5Ro&t=224s

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About the author

Elias Fizesan, 17 years old, realized that there was an error in the diagnosis of patients with asthma and to improve their quality of life, he built a device to mitigate these problems.

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