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Mother invents Water Guardian tags to help preventing child drownings

Shared by sara.di.fabio@p... on 2020-01-28 10:49

About the solution

Nicole Hughes had the idea of Water Guardian tags after her youngest child, Levi, died in a pool accident while they were on vacation with friends.

Levi was always wearing a life jacket because he was not ready for swimming classes but, he also needed supervision at all times when he was at the pool. One day, while they were on holiday, Levi sneaked out of the house and he went to the pool unsupervised. “My initial thought when I saw him in the water was, ‘That can’t be him, because he’s on the couch. All my friends thought that” Nicole says.

The episode trigged in Nicole the idea of Water Guardian tags. The idea behind is that there should always be a supervising adult in homes near water and a physical reminder of this, the tag, would help to stay focus. The Water Guardian tags can be worn on a bracelet or lanyard. The director of the Health and Safety for the American Lifeguard Association supported Nicole’s idea, “We truly believe this idea will save lives and are happy to endorse it.” Nicole founded the no-profit ‘Levi’s Legacy’ to launch the product and raise awareness of the risks of drownings.

A tag is priced at $10, to cover production and shipping costs, however, a scheme is in place for those who cannot afford to pay. Nicole wants to work with pediatrics to increase the knowledge about the danger of drownings. Moreover, she wants to bring the cards to vacation homes, as reminders to be more alert.

Adapted from: : https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/sons-drowning-death-mother-invents-way-s...

More information: https://www.levislegacy.com/

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About the author

Nicole Hughes, from the USA, holds a literature degree from the University of Tenessee. She started 'Levi’s Legacy' no profit to raise awareness about the dangers of child drownings. She created the Water Guardian tags to help adults be more alert when they are near water with children.

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