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The Honor Guard Shower and Bathing Accessory

Shared by RobinLenart on 2019-11-05 22:29

About the solution

My name is Robin Lenart. As a former caregiver, I shared some of the same challenges and issues you face. Like you, my heart cried out for solutions to many troubling problems.

While I cared for my mom, I saw many in the home health care industry as they came into our home. I wanted to hear how others were dealing with this issue of being naked in the presence of a family caregiver. Many suggested creative ways of staying covered. Showering in a slip or keeping the undergarments on during bathing were a few. But when these wet garments needed to come off, then what?

Unfortunately the accepted way was simply biting the bullet, and going without a cover. I believe my own discomfort as a family caregiver helped fuel my frustration. And so began my quest to find a solution to this troubling problem of embarrassment.

An idea flashed in my mind! I envisioned a flap-type wrap, which resembled the garment Tarzan or Jane would wear. Why not cover just the “bare” essentials? It needed to cover, but not get in the way of personal hygiene. And it needed to be water friendly, so it could be used in the shower where it’s most needed. As I finished my sketches, the day came for me to assist my mom in a quick body clean up. A makeshift prototype was formed from a couple old hand towels quickly safety-pinned together. We both made it through the bathing crisis without the discomfort of embarrassment.

I discovered from this simple garment, there was a definite relationship between dignity and clothing. Mom’s honor found expression by covering what was private to her. I was given a secret that solved this dignity riddle. The dread of boundary crossing was replaced with a peace of mind regarding future care!

Mom was my biggest cheerleader for the new garment I aptly named Honor Guard.

Here's how to use it: Remember : “Cover first, then Remove”. The Honor Guard covers you before the undergarments come off. Then you can get in the shower. It gets wet while you wash! The triple-flap design allows caregivers easy access without compromising care. It’s great also for those who can “do it themselves” as the washing and drying can be done comfortably and right under the flaps. It comes with an optional detachable Chest Shield for women.

The Honor Guard is paired with the Terry-Topper for easy drying off and removal of the wet Shower Shield. Cover with a Terry Topper, then Remove the wet Honor Guard. Undergarments can be replaced under the flap panel of the Dry Terry Topper. It keeps you covered for easy dressing into dry clothing. Terry Toppers also work well for bed-baths. Cover the area, then wash under the cover.

When help with a bedside commode is needed, an Honor Guard garment helps keep the privacy during assistance. The back overlaps for easy access while the front panel stays modestly on the lap while on a commode or in a shower chair. So simple!

This solution shall not include mention to the use of drugs, chemicals or biologicals (including food); invasive devices; offensive, commercial or inherently dangerous content. This solution was not medically validated. Proceed with caution! If you have any doubts, please consult with a health professional.

About the author

All through my mom's care at home, she kept her “personal” privacy with dignity. It’s been over ten years now, since my mom passed away. I wish she could know how many folks have been covered and comforted with the garment she helped to inspire.
. It is my desire that this discovery will help you in your care-giving and bless your family as it did me. It was in this hope that I founded the nonprofit, Dignity Resource Council in 2005. Visit us @www.dignityrc.org

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