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Scoliosis patient builds tool to help to measure his own condition from home

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-09-02 17:36

About the solution

Konstantinos was diagnosed with scoliosis when he was in high school. This led him to come up with Kidemanager, a scientific aid to help him measure his condition. The aim of this solution is to replace conventional methods to spot scoliosis, namely x-rays.

“This device allows a person who has been diagnosed with scoliosis to conduct very accurate measurements from home in a way that does not require any special medical knowledge and the results can be directly sent to the doctor that has the responsibility for the patient’s treatment. This allows the doctor to constantly monitor the progress of the treatment and actually if any sudden deterioration happens in the patient’s condition the doctor can act immediately to deal with them, something that cannot be achieved with the traditional methods of measurements that have been used until now. For example, regarding X-rays, the shortest average amount of time that can pass within two sessions is about three months in which a lot of negative implications may take place. Kidemanager does not aim to replace the traditional methods of measuring but is an additive aid that helps complete the treatment”, he explained.

Konstantinos had the idea for this device after he learned that there wasn’t anything like this on the market.

“The idea of the Kidemanager came from my own personal issue. The owner of the medical centre that I was visiting in Thessaloniki, Mr. Tournavitis, had a discussion with me after I asked him if a similar tool already existed. He said no and was actually eager to help me by giving me the necessary medical guidance regarding scoliosis in order to help me complete the tool. He gave me specific information regarding the anatomy of the spine and the different indicators that I could include in my measurements. So I gathered all the details and actually translated it into this new device which was constructed within a time frame of about three or four weeks in order to have a prototype”, the inventor noted.
Although the inventor still wants to runs tests, he already patented the invention.

The device was presented in 2019, at the Noesis-Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum.

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/2BC7HGf

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About the author

Konstantinos Gatzonis, from Greece, was a student at Anatolia College of Thessaloniki when he developed Kidemanager, a scientific tool that helps evaluate scoliosis, a condition from which he suffers.

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