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Student designs breast prosthetics to help post-mastectomy patients

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-08-21 11:23

About the solution

Post-mastectomy patients can decide if they want breast reconstruction or get breast prosthesis that goes inside a specialised bra with a pocket or a normal bra. But the prosthesis offered by the NHS are not very comfortable.

With the help of her friend Sam Jackman, and with feedback from some of these patients, Rosie invented colourful, lightweight, breathable and comfortable prosthetic brests designed to help improve the quality of life of patients who underwent mastectomies. She used 3D printing technology.

“The idea came from Sam’s mother having a mastectomy, and hating the prosthesis she had. I’m always questioning why things are the way they are and how they can be better, and I love colour. Part of the issue with the prosthesis was that it was beige, and it was bland, and it didn’t match her skin tone. It was trying to look real but failing. We just thought it was much more interesting to depart from trying to be realistic at all and have some fun with it”, the designer explained.

The team received £15,000 through the Design Council’s Spark programme, in 2019.

Their biggest challenge was to find a way to bring down the cost of manufacture. The duo founded their own company - Boost - to develop and bring their product to the market.

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/30lRCi9

More info: https://www.wewearboost.com/

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About the author

Rosie Brave, from the UK, was a student at the University of Plymouth when she built, in 2018, an artificial breast to help post-mastectomy patients. She was inspired by a friend’s mother’s struggle with the breast prosthesis she was given following surgery.

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