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Woman invents baby monitor to help detect sudden infant death syndrome

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2017-09-28 11:54

About the solution

FEMA baby monitor consists of a wristband for the mother and an anklet for the baby. It works by alerting the parent via vibration, if the baby’s pulse/heartrate goes higher or lower than set parameters.

“That way she will know if the baby stops breathing and wake or perform CPR, the problem was knowing when it occurs. The monitor does the same for temperature and as well as the sounds made by the baby while sleeping in the other room. It allows the mother to monitor the baby while handling other tasks in the house e.g. cleaning or cooking. It’s a water proof device and therefore can be worn in the shower or while taking a bath”, Kutullo explained.

It all started, in high school, when most of the inventor’s friends were having babies, and one of her friend lost her child due to SIDS.

“During my high school and tertiary days most of my friends where having babies and I was fully involved in their pregnancy and birth, unfortunately a friend of mine lost their child - she just woke up during the night and realized her baby hasn’t woken up for her night feed, when she checked her baby, it was too late. There’s, no prevention, no cause, no predicting when it’ll happen. SIDS that became my enemy, I had to find a way to beat this monster. That’s when I came up with the FEMA baby monitor”, Kutullo expressed.

The product is still a prototype, as the inventor is still looking for funds to test and further develop the innovation.

More info: http://bit.ly/2xNRoVR

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About the author

Kutullo Makgatho, born in South Africa, in 1992, developed FEMA baby monitor, a device to help detect SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). She was inspired by a friend who lost her baby due to SIDS.

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