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Software to help diabetics

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-06-13 17:07

About the solution

The app includes the treatment protocol (prescriptions dietary, physical activity, blood sugar, etc.) transcribed in the software by the doctor of a patient. When this measure his blood sugar, the software it indicates exactly what dose of insulin must be injected .

“It all started eight months when my mother on vacation with me, made a malaise because of severe hypoglycemia,” the inventor explained.

Benoit created this app in his spare time in order to help his mother. Besides monitoring of the treatment, he insists on “ the link” that allows you to create “between the patient, the hospital, the doctors, the family” of patients.

“I have found due to the diabetic person in my family that there was sometimes a lack of understanding of the protocol, which generates insulin overdoses, and therefore the risk of hypoglycemia (or) insulin underdozing, and therefore the risk of hyperglycemia”, he described.

Benoit won the main prize of the contest Lépine, an event that distinguishes inventions that provide solutions for everyday health. He is now trying to get approval for his invention.

More info: http://diabeteprotocole.com/

Adapted from: http://huff.to/1TPfP83

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About the author

Benoit Mirambeau, born in 1968, in France, invented the “Application for diabetic protocols”, a software designed to help diabetics. He was inspired by his mother, who suffers from Diabetes, once he realized how hard it is for diabetics to manage their treatment.

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