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Accessibility products for traveling little people

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-01-04 11:01

About the solution

The solution aims to facilitate daily tasks such as:
• Washing their hands after using the restroom
• Hanging up their clothes in a standard closet
• Adjusting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature
• Locking and unlocking the security latch
• Making coffee and reaching water glasses.

“Direct Access Solutions aims to educate those in the hospitality industry about the unique needs of their short-statured guests and to equip establishments with affordable, quality products that can make any hotel room welcoming and accessible to little people”, it says on the official website.

Every Direct Access Solutions kit includes:
• Ultra stable stepstool with innovative handle
• Fold-up closet rod adapter
• Universal security latch adapter
• Easy action reaching and grabbing tool
• Versatile poke and pull tool
• Heavy duty nylon tote and storage bag
• Specialized guidebook that explains how to best utilize and present your kit to short-statured guests.

Adapted from: http://mattroloff.com/das/about.php

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About the author

Matt Roloff, born in USA, in 1961, suffers from Dwarfism. He founded Direct Access Solutions, a provider of accessibility products for traveling little people. Matt had the help of his friend Mike Detjen to design a comprehensive set of accessibility products specifically for individuals with dwarfism.

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