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iEat – Independent feeder for disabled people

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-21 18:11

About the solution

Made up from several 3D printed parts, the iEat costs much less to produce than other feeding devices, and helps restore a much-needed sense of independence.

This device was built and presented at Makeathon, an event where makers from Thingiverse worked directly with people with disabilities, who often can’t afford assistive devices, or can’t find ones design to suit their individual needs.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2ghr4vf

More info: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1034961

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About the author

Clarice Torrey, Dana Yichye-Shwachamn, Ken Fujimoto and Randy Darden created iEat, a low-cost device that helps people with limited hand control to feed themselves. The team developed iEat for Zebreda Dunham, who has physical disabilities.

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