Man creates a Fingertip prosthetic - 3D Printable to help himself after losing a finger tip

Chris Call lost his entire finger tip on his right hand so he created a fingertip prosthetic.

His prosthetic allows him to do things again, like he would do if he didn’t lost his finger, for example it has a magnetic tip that helps pick up small metal objects.

Mother creates device to help his son to walk again

Debby wanted to find a way to make her son walk, or a way that make him feel like he was walking.

In the beginning, Debby walked every day with her son on her back, but it was a painful task. And it was when Debby thought, "there must be a better way". She tried several strategies to be able to connect the child to her body, bearing in mind that walking process had to be comfortable for both. After several sketches, the Upsee emerged.

Patient invents DIY pill reminder

He designed an Arduino controlled device to help him perform this task and the project combines basic electronics hacking and programming with a good looking cover.

"This small project holds two bottles in a fairly nice looking box and flashes red until you take the pill. The act of picking up the bottle (the pill ingestion is assumed) is the entire interface. (...) Notice the entire thing was built without turning on a soldering iron…”, he says on his website. The innovation also senses when a bottle is removed and the timer is reset.

ExoVasc® - Personalized aortic suport

In 1992, Tal entered a genetic study and found out that, as many other Marfan Syndrome patients, his ascending aorta was failing to recover after each blood-flow and was gradually enlarging over time.

Hybrid Rolling Drum Kit

Using marine batteries and inverters, the wheelchair has two power sources. One battery runs the actual chair and the other runs the drum kit. The speaker system for the hybrid kit was designed by Renkus-Heinz, out of Foothills Ranch, California. The pedal mechanism (designed by Axis Percussion) utilizes the shaft from a double bass drum pedal, runs from a coupling piece off his leg and bolts onto the foot plate of his Iron Cobra single pedal.

Wheelchair skis

As a wheel chair user, Patrick wanted a maximum of mobility and flexibility in any weather and year round. "It has always made me very sad that wintertime limited my mobility so severely and that I had to make plans how I was traveling where: I, who have always loved winter and snow. I was surprised to find out that there was not a single, reasonably priced mobility aid on the market, one which could be attached and removed using basic manual skills", he mentioned.

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