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Lauren Bell created The Cooling Scratch Star to help her brother that suffered from eczema.

Shared by Joana Afonso PI on 2024-07-02 17:13

About the solution

The Cooling Scratch Star was created out of love and necessity. Lauren Bell, a design graduate, wanted to help her brother, Rhys, who has suffered from eczema since he was three. Rhys used steroid creams for over 20 years to manage his painful skin flare-ups, but these treatments had many side effects and didn't always help. Lauren, who had eczema as a child but outgrew it, was determined to find a better solution for her brother. She saw how much he was suffering, sometimes unable to walk without his skin cracking, and decided to create something that could provide relief without causing more damage.

The Cooling Scratch Star is a simple yet effective device designed to help people with itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is possible to keep the device in the fridge to stay cold. The cold helps numb the itchiness, providing immediate relief. The device has bumps that feel like fingernails. When you rub it on your skin, it feels like scratching but without causing cuts or worsening the condition. By using the Cooling Scratch Star, you can get relief from itching without harming your skin, preventing infections and scarring.

Rhys, who is now two years into his journey of stopping steroid creams, has found great relief with this device. The Cooling Scratch Star has become popular, especially on TikTok, where videos about it have been viewed millions of times. This device not only helped Rhys but also offers hope and relief to many others dealing with chronic skin conditions. Lauren Bell’s invention is a practical solution born out of her desire to make life better for her brother and others like him.
The product is available online on the website and pricing starts at 14€.

The brand has achieved medical certification in the UK and EU. It is currently working on our FDA approval and setting up logistics in other areas to facilitate international shipping.

Source of information: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-67131512
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About the author

Lauren Bell, a dedicated design graduate, created the Cooling Scratch Star out of love and determination to help her brother, Rhys, who suffered from severe eczema. Witnessing Rhys's lifelong struggle with painful skin flare-ups and the side effects of long-term steroid cream use, Lauren was inspired to find a safer, more effective solution. Drawing on her own childhood experience with eczema, which she outgrew at seven, and her design skills, she developed this innovative device as her final year major project at university.

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