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Macy Long, a young inventor creates device to aid the visually impaired

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2023-09-06 12:04

About the solution

Macy Long, a recent graduate from Zane Trace High School, gained recognition for her inventive creation aimed at helping people with visual impairments. Her invention was showcased and celebrated at an international science and engineering fair. What Macy designed is a device that you wear on your wrist. It uses vibrations to let the user know when objects are nearby. The closer you get to an object, the stronger the vibrations become. Essentially, it acts like a virtual white cane, helping people navigate around obstacles.

One interesting thing about Macy's invention is that it also assists users in distinguishing between different objects, somewhat similar to how bats use echolocation to navigate in the dark.

Macy's inspiration for making this device came from a desire to offer an alternative to guide dogs and traditional white canes, which can be costly and less accessible. Her device, however, is designed to be affordable, priced at around $60 per device, making it more accessible to a broader range of people. Macy's determination to bring her idea to life led her to learn computer programming in Python. She was inspired by her encounter with a blind pug at a humane society. Her dedication and hard work paid off, earning her a spot at the international science fair, where her invention garnered significant attention and recognition. Macy's innovative device, born out of her desire to help people, has the potential to make a significant impact in the lives of visually impaired individuals.

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About the author

Macy Long, a recent graduate of Zane Trace High School, is the ingenious mind behind an inventive device designed to assist the visually impaired. Her journey into inventing began with a passion for psychology-focused science fair projects, such as investigating phone addiction. However, this year, she decided to venture into the realm of engineering after being inspired by a blind pug she encountered.

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