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Man invents a device that allows those who can’t speak communicate inspired by his mother

Shared by Patricia Pereira on 2015-06-11 11:06

About the solution

The Smartstones Touch connects to an iPhone or an Android device using Bluetooth Low Energy. It is simple to program and handle. The first step is to download the company’s app, called “Prose” onto an iPhone or Android device, which in turn programs the Smartstones. That opens up a list of 12 gestures. (Many more are planned.) Once a gesture is selected, any message can be created for it. The Smartstones send verbal messages to phones, using voices like those on GPS services. They can be programmed in 40 languages. They send sounds and lights to other Smartstones.

For example, one might program a Smartstones Touch to send urgent flashing red lights and an alarm tone in an emergency. If everything is going well, one might send soothing blue lights and a gently pulsing tone. The Smartstones Touch offers over one million colors to work with in configuring a message. Inside the palm-sized device is a mass of micro-technology: a number of touch and motion sensors; a gyroscope, which can detect someone falling; a Bluetooth chip; a microprocessor; low-energy, longer-life LED lights; a gesture recognition library and a haptic motor, which produces various vibration patterns.

"I developed Smartstones® TouchTM after my mother was placed on life support for weeks in the ICU, and was unable to move or speak," says Andreas Forsland, CEO and Founder of Smartstones, Inc. "I was inspired to create a simple, natural way for loved ones to communicate and send moral support through touch—no matter the situation."

Adapted from: http://prn.to/2r3XoTP

More info: http://www.smartstones.co/

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About the author

Andreas Forsland, from USA, developed Smartstones Touch, a device to help those who can't speak to communicate. Andreas was inspired by his mother, who was on life support and intubated, struggling to survive in an ICU unit, and was diagnosed with severe Pneumonia, Septic shock and Kidney failure.

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