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Patient creates Eye Guide MC, a device to help to control symptoms of Parkinson's disease

Shared by Gemma Tria Albert on 2023-03-10 15:30

About the solution

Sandra was diagnosed with Parkinson when she was forty years old. One day se was randomly fiddling with a little knitting marker and placed it on her glasses. She immediately noticed an effect on her Hemispatial neglect, a condition that takes away awareness and control on the left side of the body. This reaction was a surprise for her as suddenly she could feel her left side of the body, she could feel warmth. Right after this happened the idea came to her like a "lightning bolt": if she could alter messages to her brain by simply placing something in her peripheral vision, then she also could make a device to help to control Parkinson's symptoms.
After two years of developing and testing her idea Sandra brought us her Eye Guide MC which is a discreet and no-surgery device that hooks over the ear. This device is based on weight, as the brain notices the weight of the guide and the eye picks up the Guide in its peripheral vision. This combination sends a signal to the brain, helping it to find new pathways for movement and speech messages, as well as improving balance and coordination.
In 2015 Sandra founded a company, EYE GUIDE MC, to publicize and divulge her device, dedicating her team to help people with Parkinson regain their independence. The Eye Guide MC device is a Class 1 Medical Device that is CE marked, and MHRA accredited.

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About the author

Sandra McDonough is the inventor of the Eye Guide MC. She is from Lincolnshire, Great Britain, and has lived with Parkinson Disease for over twenty years. When she was diagnosed she made a bold statement saying that if her doctor didn't find a cure in nine years, she would find a cure herself. Currently Sandra says that she did not cure Parkinson, she now has the control of it. Her determination to find a way to reclaim her independence kept her going and is the reason why the Eye Guide MC device was created.

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